General Selling Conditions

The offering and selling of products on our website are regulated by the following General Selling Conditions. Items purchased on are directly sold by Cooperativa Sociale Quid which is registered to the Verona Registry of Businesses at n° 398804, tax code and VAT registration number 04179470234. Cooperativa Sociale Quid headquarters are in Italy, in Via della Consortia 10/d, 37127 Avesa (VR) – Italy.


Please remember you can always contact Progetto Quid by e-mail ( For any other legan information, please check these sections: Privacy (link alla relativa sezione) and Changes and Returns (link alla relativa sezione).


  1. Commercial policy

1.1 The Seller offers products to be sold on and carries out its e-selling activity only towards direct final customers that are “consumers”.

1.2 When we talk about “consumers” we intend any natural person that acts on with purposes not connected to any possible commercial, entrepreneurial or professional activity. If you are not a “consumer”, please do not carry out commercial translactions through

1.3 Taking into consideration its commercial policy, the Seller reserves its right not to act on orders coming from subjects who are not “consumers” or anyway on orders that are not compliant with its commercial policy.

1.4 These General Selling Conditions regulate only the offer, the sending and the reception of purchase orders of products on between the users of and the Seller.

1.5 The General Selling Conditions on the other hand do not regulate the supply of services or the selling of different products from those of the Seller that may be present on through links, banners or other hyperlinks. Please, before submitting orders and purchasing products and services from subjects that are not the Seller, verify their own selling conditions, since the Seller is not responsible for the supply of services from third parties that are not the Seller or for the conclusion of e-commerce operations between the users of and third parties.


  1. How to finalize a contract with Progetto Quid

2.1 In order to finalize a purchase order of one or more items on, you will have to fill in the online form and send it to the Seller, via electronic transmission, following the relative instructions.

2.2 The online form includes a link to General Selling Conditions and a recap of the information on the basic characteristics of every purchased item together with their price (comprehensive of any applicable taxes or fees), of the payment methods that you can use to purchase each item and of the shipping methods of the purchased items, of the shipping and delivery fees, a cross reference to the conditions for the right of withdrawal and of the process and times for the return of purchased items.

2.3 The contract is finalized when the Seller receives, via electronic transmission, your order form and its respective payment, upon verification of the accuracy of the data in your order.

2.4 Before purchasing the items, through the transmission of the order form, you will be asked to read carefully the General Selling Conditions and the right of withdrawal notice, to print a copy via the print button and to save or duplicate a copy for your own personal use.

2.5 Your order form will be archived in our database for the period of time necessary for the execution of the orders and in any case in time limits established by the law. You will be able to access your order form inside your personal area.

2.6 Before proceeding to send your order form, you will also be asked to individuate and correct any wrong data in the form.

2.7 The available languages to finlize the contract with the Seller are Italian or English.

2.8 Once the contract is finalized, Quid will take charge of your purchase order.

2.9 The Seller will not carry out your purchase orders should there be no sufficient solvency guarantees or should they be incomplete or incorrect or in case of unavailbility of the items. In this case, we will inform you via e-mail that the contract is not finalized and that the Seller did not carry out your purchase order specifying the reason why.

2.10 Should the products, presented on, not be available anymore or for sale at the moment of your last access to the website, that is when you sent the purchase order, the Seller will make sure to promptly communicate to you the possible unavailability of the ordered items. In case of order form already sent and payment already made, the Seller will refund you the sum paid in advance.

2.11 With the electronic transmission of the purchase order, you unconditionally accept and commit yourself to follow these General Selling Conditions with regards to the Seller. If you do not accept some of the terms present in these General Selling Conditions, please do not send the purchase form to buy products on

2.12 By sending the purchase order you confirm to be familiar and to accept the General Selling Conditions and the additional information included in, also those cross referenced by links, including the General Conditions of Use and the Privacy Policy and the Right of withdrawal notice.

2.13 Once the contract is finalized, the Seller will send you, via electronic mail, a receipt of your purchase order, containing a recap of the information already included in the purchase form (product, detailed indication of the price, of payment methods and shipping fees).


  1. Warranties and indications on product prices

3.1 Only first-quality products are on sale on

3.2 The Seller does not sell used products.

3.3 The main features of the products are presented on inside each product page. Images and colours of the products on sale on could however not match with the real ones due to Internet browsers or monitors in use.

3.4 Product prices could be subject to updates. Please check the final selling price before sending the relative order form.

3.5 Purchase orders from Countries not included in the splash page will not be accepted by the Seller.

3.6 All products are equipped with an identification card. Please do not remove the tag from purchased products, as it is an integral part of them.

3.7 In case of withdrawal right, the Seller reserves the right not to accept the return of products unprovided with their relative tag or altered in their main or qualitative features or damaged.


  1. Payments

4.1 For the payment of product prices and their relative shipping fees, you will be able to choose one of the payment methods specified in the purchase form.

4.2 In case of payment via credit card, financial information (such as, for example, credit/debit card number and expiry date) will be forwarded, through entcrypted protocol, to databases that supply remote electronic payment services, without giving any access to third parties. These data, moreover, will necer be used by the Seller but for completing the procedures relative to your purchase and to issue relative refunds in case of possible product returns, following your right of withdrawal, or in the case of preventing or reporting to police forces frauds on

4.3 Indicated prices are expressed in Euros and inclusive of VAT tax.

4.4 Shipping fees depend on the Country the items are destined to and are visible to the customer inside the shopping cart.


  1. Shipping

5.1 We do our best to comply with delivery times, however sometimes delays can happen due to courier delays, logistical problems or bad weather. We will do everything possible to keep you updated and you should be able to check the progress of your package.

For more info please check our Customer Service. (link alla pagina Contatti)


  1. Discount code

6.1 We may offer you a Discount Code that you can use to reduce the price of specific items. Remember that you have to insert the code at the time of checkout!

Every single Discount Code has its own terms that will be clearly stated when the code will be issued (for example, how many items, single/multiple use, when it can be used, etcetera).

6.2 If you are given a unique Discount Code exclusively intended for you, please keep it to yourself, do not share it with anybody and do not take advantage of it (for example, by posting it on social media). Should we think that you are taking advantage of a Discount Code or have done so in the past in any way (for example by selling it or by sharing it with others), we might cancel your Discount Code and/or suspend or even close your account.


  1. Gift certificate

7.1 If you are so lucky as to receive a Progetto Quid Gift Certificate, please check the dedicated page (link alla pagina Gift Card) to find out how to use it.

7.2 If you feel generous enough to buy a Progetto Quid Gift Card for someone, please make sure to have the correct e-mail address! Should you insert the wrong e-mail address, the code could be used by someone else and we will not be able to help you. Carefully check the data before completing the purchase.


  1. Customer assistance

8.1 You will be able to request any information through our assistance services: please contact our Customer Service via e-mail at or call +39 045 8532196.


  1. Withdrawal right

9.1 Please check our return policy (link alla pagina “Cambi e Resi”).


  1. Privacy

10.1 You will have all the information concerning the treatment of your personal data by checking our Privacy Policy.

10.2 For any other information concerning our Privacy Policy please contact us at or at our registered office.


  1. Cookies

11.1 The website uses “cookies”. Cookies are electronic files that record information on the Customer’s browsing of the website (consulted pages, date and time of consultation, etc.) that allow Progetto Quid to supply a personalized service to its customers.

11.2 Progetto Quid informs its Customers of the possibility of disabling the creation of said files, by accessing their own Internet configuration menu.


  1. Applicable law and claims solution

12.1 General Selling Conditions are regulated by Italian law.

12.2 Every claim that is not amicably solved will be submitted to the exclusive authority of the court of the CUSTOMER’s place of residence or domicile, if located within Italian borders.

12.3 In any case, it is possible to resort to a facultative mediation services pursuant to Decree Law 28/2010, for the resolution of any possible claim arisen during the interpretation and execution of these selling conditions by accessing the following website:


  1. Modifications and updates

13.1 General Selling Conditions are modified from time to time also taking into account possible legislation modifications. New General Selling Conditions will be effective from the date of publication on